Morr's Field


The town’s graveyard stands outside the walls to the south west, surrounded by tall aged walls of its own. In addition to rows of graves, it is home to a drab stone built shrine of Morr with a side building used by the Mourner’s society – a loose organization of locals seeking solace after a loved one passed away. The cheif priest of Morr is Schadrach Burke, who occasionally spends time with the Mourner’s Society to console the grieving.

_"Yes, I know everyone says their town graveyard is haunted, but this one really is. Ive seen it with my own eyes – lights moving among the graves after dark, strange voices. Arent the priests of Morr supposed to take care of that sort of thing?"

“Whenever theres a paupers burial, you count the bodies going out and the bodies thrown into the grave. Ill bet you a silver they wont be the same number. And ill bet you another silver that those unaccounted for end up on Wizard’s Way or in the Physician’s Guild – or maybe different bits of them end up in both places.”

“Theres something under Morr’s Field. Something old, something of Chaos, you mark my words.”_

Father Schadrake Burke, Priest of Morr serves as the caretaker of Morr’s Field.

Morr's Field

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