“Why did I settle in Reikland? Stupid question! One reason only, lad – the River Reik. I get in silver from the northern provinces, gemstones from the east, and the river merchants sell my finished masterpieces all over the Empire. I make a damn sight more profit than I ever did in Karaz-a-Karak, by Grungni!”
– Hargrin Magnarrson, Dwarf smith and merchant

Forest-swathed Reikland is the foremost province of the Empire. Reiklanders tend to be richer, better educated, and more urbane than other provincials, and the province’s merchants vie with the nobility for power. Reikland’s inhabitants truly believe that Sigmar favours them as the true heirs of the Empire.

Reiklanders are renowned for their flamboyant nature and eagerness to impress. The men’s clothes are slashed in military style, and their floppy hats are festooned with feathers, while the women dress in equally extravagant fashions. Despite appearances, Reiklanders are hard workers and brave fighters when duty calls. Their success is due to their natural ability to adapt to any situation.

The city of Altdorf attracts visitors from all over the Known World: and Reiklanders are a cosmopolitan people, rubbing shoulders with foreigners, dwarfs, and elves. They are more open-minded than other Empire folk, and because Altdorf is home to the Colleges of Magic, they are slightly more tolerant of magical activities which would have unsophisticated provincials reaching for their pitchforks and torches – outside the Reikland, even sanctioned magic is tantamount to Chaos sorcery to many.



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